Digby's Hollywood Story

A movie studio cop, an aspiring actress who uses what she’s got to get what she wants, a cross-dressing action star, a mysterious death – all are elements in this novella set in 1940s Hollywood... but the real subject of Digby’s Hollywood Story is story-telling itself, tan examination of our need to make sense of the world by giving the chaos of real life the sense and form of narrative.

Coming December of 2015!

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A Concise Biography of Adolf Hitler is unique in that it is organized by areas of popular interest but designed so that even a casual browser will be quickly confronted with the broad outline and essential details of Hitler’s malevolent career.  Thoroughly annotated, with a bibliography, index and chronology. 

“A wonderful addition to works about Hitler.” – Isaiah Kuperstein, Board of Directors, Association of Holocaust Organizations

"Four stars." - West Coast Review of Books

"Fascinating reading." - Booklist

"An engrossing book...excellent." - Oahu Sun Press

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